Incredible Years Parenting Program (IYPP) Series

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Target Population: 
Academic Performance, Behavioral Problems, Emotional Competency, Parenting, School Readiness, Social Competency
Target Audience 

This program is delivered to parents of infants and toddlers who are up to 3 years old, children who are 3 to 6 years old, and youth who are 6 to 12 years old and is intended to impact parents and children.


The Incredible Years® Parenting Program (IYPP) Series, a group of community-based programs*, is designed to strengthen parenting skills; enhance parents’ involvement in their children’s academic and school experiences; improve children’s academic, social, and emotional abilities; and reduce behavioral problems.

*Separate fact sheets are available for other Incredible Years programs.  


Multiple randomized control trials of the IYPP Series have shown significant changes, including increases in positive and nurturing parenting style, involving an increase in praise and effective discipline; decreases in harsh discipline techniques; increases in parent involvement in child’s school; decreases in negative child behavior at home and school; reductions of parental depression; increases in parental self-confidence; and increases in positive family communication and problem–solving.  Children previously diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder/Conduct Disorder, whose parents participated in the parenting series, were found to be in the non-clinical range at the 1-year and 3-year follow-up assessments.


The IYPP Series contains components that are age specific.

  • Parents and Babies Program (0 to 12 months) is a six-part program that is designed to teach parents how to understand their infants’ cues and how to provide nurturing and responsive care.
  • Parents and Toddlers Program (1 to 3 years) is an eight-part program that focuses on strengthening positive and nurturing parenting skills.  The series includes child-directed play, toddler language skill promotion, social and emotional coaching, praise and encouragement usage, spontaneous incentives for toddlers, separation and reunion adjustment, and positive discipline skills.
  • Preschool/Early Childhood BASIC Series (3 to 6 years) is a four-part program that intends to enhance parenting skills and includes program components, such as strengthening children’s social skills, emotional regulation, and school readiness skills; encouraging cooperative behavior through praise and incentives; and using positive discipline strategies.
  • School-Age BASIC Series (6 to 12 years) is a three-part program that is designed to teach parents the importance of implementing positive behaviors with their children, such as building social skills and using effective praise.
  • ADVANCE Series (4 to 12 years) is a three-part program that can supplement the BASIC School-Age program.  This program addresses family risk factors and provides self-control, communication, and problem-solving strategies.

Additional  parent programs are available and include School Readiness, Attentive Parenting, Autism Spectrum and Language Delays, and Well-Baby.  

Previous Use 

Incredible Years was founded in 1987, and the IYPP Series has been implemented among multiple ethnic groups and social classes in the United States and internationally.


This program is delivered by two group leaders who have a background in social work, cognitive psychology, nursing, medicine, or education.  One of these leaders should have a master's degree or higher.  Training is not required but is highly recommended and 1-, 2-, and 3-day, on-site or off-site trainings are available.  A 3-day training in Seattle costs $575.  Off-site workshops for at least 15 participants can also be arranged and typically cost $1,500 to $2,000 per day.  Leaders should also familiarize themselves with program materials (e.g., leader manual, teacher book, DVD).  Please contact The Incredible Years, using details in the Contact section, for more information on training and costs.


Considerations for implementing this program include securing group leaders; obtaining training for leaders, if desired; acquiring administrative and teacher support; and obtaining funding for training and implementation costs.

The Clearinghouse can help address these considerations. Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email


If you are interested in implementing IYPP Series, the Clearinghouse is interested in helping you!
Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email


Parent group sessions are conducted in 12- to 20-weekly meetings for 2 to 3 hours each.  


The Baby & Toddler program costs $1,470; the Preschool Basic program costs $1,670; the School Age Basic program costs $1,370; the Advanced program costs $1050.  Please visit for more information on costs and ordering.  

Evaluation Plan 

The Clearinghouse can help you to develop an evaluation plan to ensure the program components are meeting your goals.
Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email


Contact the Clearinghouse with any questions regarding this program.
Phone: 1-877-382-9185     Email:

You may also contact the Incredible Years by mail 1411 8th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119, phone 1-206-285-7565, fax 1-888-506-3562, email, or visit

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