Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) Program

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Target Population: 
Behavioral Problems, Emotional Competency, Relationships, Social Competency
Target Audience 

This program is delivered to teachers, teachers' aids, psychologists, school counselors, and school personnel working with young children who are 3 to 8 years old and is intended to impact school personnel and children.


The Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) Program, a school-based prevention program, is part of the Incredible Years series* of programs for parents, teachers, and children that are designed to reduce problem behavior in children.  IY TCM is designed to enhance teacher classroom management skills, develop teacher-student relationships, and promote youth social and emotional development.  

*Information on Parent and Child programs is available on separate fact sheets.  


Multiple randomized controlled trials have been conducted in which the IY TCM program was implemented either as a stand-alone program or in combination with the Parent and/or Child programs.  Results have generally been positive for teacher and child outcomes, including increased teacher use of proactive, positive classroom management strategies and decreased use of negative strategies and improvements in child behavior, social competence, and self-regulation.  Results tend to be stronger when IY TCM is implemented with the other IY programs.  In addition, outcomes for children with more severe behavior problems are not as strong as those for children with fewer or less severe behavior problems.  


This program is intended to create a positive learning environment, promote positive teacher-student relationships and teacher-parent partnerships, help participants instill social and emotional regulation skills to participating children, and implement proactive discipline techniques.  Program topics include the following:

  • Workshop 1:  Building Positive Relationships with Students;
  • Workshop 1b:  Preventing Behavior Problems - The Proactive Teacher;
  • Workshop 2:  The Importance of Teacher Attention, Coaching, and Praise;
  • Workshop 3:  Motivating Children Through Incentives;
  • Workshops 4 and 5:  Decreasing Inappropriate Behavior; and
  • Workshop 6:  Emotional Regulation, Social Skills, and Problem Solving.

Teachers practice and develop skills through use of group discussions, videos, and role-playing.  Coaching and monthly telephone calls are provided by facilitators.  

Previous Use 

IY TCM has been implemented since 2001 among multiple ethnic groups and social classes, and positive results have been found with Asian, Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian groups.  The program is currently being delivered in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  


Workshops are delivered to classroom teachers by two group leaders.  Group leaders should have experience in child development, social work, psychology, education, nursing, or psychiatry or have experience working with families and children (e.g., teachers, school psychologists, principals, social workers).  Training for leaders is not required but is highly recommended.  A 3-day (21-hour) workshop in Seattle costs $575.  Off-site workshops for at least 15 participants can also be arranged and typically cost $1,500 to $2,000 per day.  Leaders should also familiarize themselves with program materials (e.g., leader manual, teacher book, DVD).  Please contact The Incredible Years, using details in the Contact section, for more information on training and costs.  


Considerations for implementing this program include securing group leaders; obtaining training for leaders, if desired; acquiring administrative and teacher support; and obtaining funding for training and implementation costs.

The Clearinghouse can help address these considerations. Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email


If you are interested in implementing the IY TCM Program, the Clearinghouse is interested in helping you!
Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email


Group leaders deliver 6 full-day, monthly workshop sessions to teachers (i.e., 42 hours).


The Teacher Classroom Management Program kit costs $1,425.  

Evaluation Plan 

To move the IY TCM Program to the Effective category on the Clearinghouse Continuum of Evidence at least one external evaluation must be conducted that demonstrates sustained, positive outcomes. This study must be conducted independently of the program developer.

The Clearinghouse can help you to develop an evaluation plan to ensure the program components are meeting your goals. Please call 1-877-382-9185 or email


Contact the Clearinghouse with any questions regarding this program.
Phone: 1-877-382-9185     Email:

You may also contact the Incredible Years by mail 1411 8th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119, phone 1-206-285-7565, fax 1-888-506-3562, email, or visit

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*Resources and associated costs reflect those identified at the time of fact sheet publication.